Buildings are a great defense and a definite way to get loot in Unlike original Obstacles, you can go inside them and find some loot. Drawers and Dressers are crate-like things which will drop various types of loot when destroyed. There are lots of buildings in Barns, Houses, the Bank, Shacks, the Police Station, and more. Each building has its own unique properties, and certain types of loot are likely to be found in certain buildings.

List of Buildings

Building Size


Container Tiny

Containers are dark rectangle boxes appearing all over the map. They generally have one or two items inside – usually a Weapon and Ammo or basic items. Some shipping containers have a crack in the top of them, so you can peer inside and see if the loot has been taken yet. A shipping container can either have one or two entrances. There are 4 types of shipping containers: Regular containers (1 way, 2 way and cracked), Red shipping containers (Has no opening and cannot be entered), Golden containers (Rare, spawns only at the Docks, contains the SV-98 and a 4x Scope or an 8x Scope), and Grey containers containing the entrance to the Conch Bunker.

Outhouse Tiny Outhouses contain one Toilet, which can be smashed to reveal common loot. Some may contain used toilets. Amounts per world vary. Outhouses can be destroyed by gunfire or explosions.
Shack Tiny Shacks have some loot on the inside, plus a crate and barrel against the wall. Amounts per world vary. It's a great start point as they can provide you with weapons or bandages. A good strategy is to break the wall facing the barrel and crate, then damage the barrel until its smoking (6 times). When someone tries to break the crate or enter the shack you can blow them up. One of the shacks holds a secret entrance to the Storm Bunker.
Green Shack Tiny Green Shacks are found at the Docks and in the River Town. It has only one item of loot in the middle. The walls can be destroyed, and there is a barrel next to the shack which easily destroys it.
Fisherman's Shack Tiny Fisherman's Shacks are located along medium to large sized rivers, and along the coast. It is a small shack with a crab-trap on the outside, two pots and a table on the inside, and a small River Dock on the outside with an item. It was added in the "Community collage" update.
Hut Small Huts are one of the buildings added in the "Sun's out, guns out" update. They are small and placed on the outskirts of the map, away from the island, and are connected by a bridge to the mainland. They look like a beach hut with a straw roof. They have small pots inside containing items.
Egg Bunker Small The Egg Bunker is a secret underground room, with the entrance hidden under a triangle of Trees. One spawns per Map, and it consists of a staircase leading down to a door, which opens into a metal room containing a barrel and a bunker crate. The crate always contains an AK-47 and two packs of 7.62mm (Blue) Ammunition, four beige "The Initiative" suits which can only be found in the bunker, and several other random items. While the actual bunker is underground and does not appear on the minimap, it can be found by searching the map for a triangle of large, equally spaced trees.
Bridges Small/Medium Bridges are at various locations on the river to help players cross to other parts of the island. Due to the river having a different appearance every round, the number of bridges vary every round as well, including rounds where there are no bridges at all. The bridges are solid underneath, meaning you cannot go under them. However, items being moved by the current can go under them.
House Medium Houses contain a table, an oven, one toilet, and three cabinets. It also contains a decoration bush and a table where you can hide in and ambush your foes (the table is recommended, as it is bigger).
Dark Red House Medium Dark Red Houses contain a round table, a toilet, a drawer, a stand, a bookshelf, an oven, a fridge, and a bush. The exterior is very similar to that of a normal house, only having a darker red roof, the doors are on the corners, and there is a circular grill on the outside porch.
Storm Bunker Medium The Storm Bunker is a medium-sized bunker hidden in a shack. One spawns every map. You can find a hatchet case or a chest in the control room.
Bank Medium The Bank contains two cabinets, two toilets, a soda machine, and the bank vault, which houses six vault containers with loot, as well as the skin Jester's Folly. There is only one per map. The Bank is split into two sections, one of which has the vault. They are split by walls and windows which may be broken.
Conch Bunker Medium The Conch Bunker is a bunker submerged in the sea. It was added in the v0.4.2 Sun's Out, Guns Out update. The entrances are disguised as two shipping containers on the beach (albeit black instead of blue). This is the second sea themed building, the other being the docks. It is smaller than the Hydra Bunker.
Barn Large Barns have about five cabinets, a toilet, an oven, a table, and one storeroom, which has loot inside. There are usually 1-3 of them per map. Barns appear as a big, green-roofed house and can be used to start off a squad with decent weapons. There is also an oven to watch out for, as it's explosive. Remember that the walls of the storeroom are deflective and bullets will rebound off of it.
Cabin Medium The Cabin is a building added in update 0.6.0. It has a green roof, a blue carpet, 3 pots, a stove, a toilet, a wall mount, a drawer,and a stand. It has a green roof and a chimney that has smoke coming out of it until the stove is destroyed. It also has a green bed, a wood pile next to the stove, and a table, none of which drop loot.
Warehouse Large Warehouses contain two barrels, four ammo crates and seven crates, the middle one of which has a rare chance of being a Soviet crate. There are 2 per game. Bullets bounce off the walls, and the barrels explode with enough force to cause great damage. The metal walls also rebound the explosion to magnify damage.
Blue Warehouse Large Blue Warehouses are the same size as the standard Warehouse, and are found on the Docks. They contain four barrels, four crates, one Bunker Crate or Conch Crate, and four Green Ammo Crates.
Police Station Large

The Police Station one of the largest buildings in the game, containing 4 main sections: a jail, a locker room, a visiting area, and a parking lot. The jail has four cells accessible by a control panel. The locker room is a small area with 10 spaces for lockers, 7 of which spawn, and can be broken open. Only 1 Police station spawns per map and is usually towards the center of the map.

Crossing Bunker Large The Crossing Bunker is the second largest bunker in the game. It is one of the few buildings that is not definite to spawn in the game. It can only be found next to and underneath large rivers by locating a bluish-gray square on the map. It has four entrances and a golden locker which always contains a medium pack, an AK-47 with ammo, and the skin The Initiative. It also contains a control panel which opens up a small storage area containing a wood axe to clear the way for the fourth entrance, as it is initially blocked by ammo crates.
Mansion           Large           

The Mansion is the second largest single building in the game and was the first one to feature a second floor. It contains an entrance hall, with two loot cabinets and a Casanova Silks skin, a dining room with two shelves full of loot, a small bathroom with one toilet, and a kitchen with two ovens. The mansion also has a garage with a single shelf and a small room with two shelves that leads to a vault with either a normal crate, or a DEagle 50 crate. In the center it has a small courtyard surrounded by glass with one tree and 4 bushes (one of them sometimes is an exotic bush) In the back it has two staircases, a broken one that would otherwise lead upstairs, and one that permits players to go downstairs. In the lower floor there are two wooden loot barrels and one explosive barrel, 6 wall barrels (3 each side) that contain loot, one shelf and on crate. There is also a direct entrance to this floor from the outside, and a loot barrel spawns there as well. In the upper right corner, a shack always spawns.

Hydra Bunker Large The Hydra Bunker is the largest single building in the game, and is also the largest bunker in the game. It has one main entrance, shown as a small dark gray structure on the map, which has a metal toilet and a bunker crate, a second room with two normal crates, another room with lockers and another bunker crate, and a central lab, which leads to a room that often contains a Vector. There are two additionally entrances sealed with one-way doors, one of which has three lockers and the other five with a bunker crate.
Docks Massive The Docks is the largest area in the main game. It is found next to the ocean and is guaranteed to spawn. It has three blue warehouses, which can contain conch crates, and 16 containers, some of which (most recorded is 4) can be golden containers, housing an SV-98 and either a 4x or 8x. It also has 3 green shacks and several normal crates that spawn in various places in the docks.
Logging Camp Massive The Logging Camp contains a blue warehouse with the middle crate always being a hatchet crate. There are two outhouses and, very rarely, one of the toilets can be a darker color and drop a Fire Axe. There are also many tree stumps, two of which contain a wood axe. There is also a chance for a flare gun crate to spawn. The entrance to the Hatchet Bunker is in a shack next to the warehouse.
Hatchet Bunker Large The Hatchet bunker is an exclusive event bunker from the "Into the woods" event and is found in the Lumber Camp. It has one entrance that leads to a room with a single crate and some ammo crates. The first room then leads to the second where you can find 4 lockers and a crate, with two doors leading into two separate rooms, in one you will find a Hatchet Crate, which can drop a USAS-12 or an M249. This room also leads to the very last room, which holds a fire axe behind two control panels and an ammo crate surrounded by two normal crates. Across from the axe are two panes of glass, each having 5000 health, and behind each there are 3 rare skins.
Eye Bunker Medium The Eye Bunker is a relatively small bunker that was added in the "Happy Spookiversary" update, and reappeared in the "If a bunker opened in the forest..." update. It could only be accessed by going to a nearby tree stump, connected to it by a trail of blood, and selecting "Use" in the Halloween event, and by pressing three bloodied tree stumps at once in Woods Mode. When the player entered, he/she had to enter a code by selecting panels with bunker labels on the floor near them (This code was different between the Halloween Event and Woods Mode). When this is done, a vault door will open, leading to a room the size of the Egg Bunker. This room contains a rare item (including the Halloween-event exclusive Spooky Barkskin skin) and a tape recorder that plays a message.
Large Desert Town Massive During the Desert Rain event, this area was home to the Police Station, 2 Cabins, the Bank, and the brand new Saloon.
Small Desert Town Huge During the Frozen Desert Event, this area includes a Bank, a Red House, a Dark Red House, and an Outhouse
Saloon Medium It contains a piano, a Wall Mount, and 2 round tables. There is a Bunker with the new Vector locked by a passcode.
Greenhouse Small A glass Greenhouse to grow pretty flowers. It has 8 planters that can drop loot and the walls are made out of glass. However, there is entrance to the side that takes you to the Chrysanthemum Bunker.
Chrysanthemum Bunker Medium A bunker under the Greenhouse that contains two puzzles and has 2 normal crates. The first puzzle is simple. You must push the buttons in the correct order and then break the screen blocking the entrance (This puzzle was already solved during the Frozen Desert and Snow-Covered Island events, and the symbols on the floor are the mandarin numbers 1-4, the code requires the player to enter them in the order 1, 2, 3, 4 or 一,二,三,四). The second puzzle is much more complicated. It is a 12 digit code with the panels being flowers and a 4x4 area of water with the eye symbol in the middle. During the Frozen Desert and Snow-Covered Island event, those flower pots became crates, and the door was already opened. Once entering the code, you will be rewarded a Katana in the third room. In the third room, in the main game, there is a glass wall with 5000 HP, with no way to break the stone wall behind it to enter the fourth room. During the Frozen Desert Event, the wall could only be broken with a Stone Hammer, and behind it was a room containing a 15x scope, and the wheel which would turn on the snow. During the Snow-Covered Island event, the final wall was gone, the wheel was turned, and the 15x scope was replaced by a set of 20 Snowballs.
River Town Large Added in the Incursion recursion update, this area has 2 parts. The blue side is similar to the Docks. It is next to the river that separates the red side from the blue side. Inside it are 6 Containers, 2 Blue Warehouses, 2 Green Shacks, 3 boxes outside, and a statue of a survivr. It is connected to a bridge that leads to the other side. The red side is similar to the small desert town, this area has a path with a single Barn, a Red House, a Dark Red House, and another statue of a survivr. There is also a half-sandbag on the path. This area is connected to the other half of the bridge mentioned above.
Teahouse Medium The Teahouse is a Building added in the v0.7.3 Awesome blossoms on March 20, 2018 and contains Vases and a Chrysanthemum Chest inside it.  This Crate is known to contain the Naginata, which is a special type of Katana.