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Bugle being blown.

The Bugle is a special Pistol found on the 50v50 Map added in the v0.8.81 "Sound the Charge" update. It technically uses "Bugle Ammo."


It is a horn that, when played, gives all of your nearby teammates a speed boost. The Bugle can currently only be obtained by being promoted to the Bugler.

A Bugler holding the Bugle.



  • In the code, the Bugle is classified as a Pistol, although it belongs in its category.
  • This is the first and currently the only "weapon" not to shoot any form of visible projectiles.
    • The Bugle's "ammunition" is its shell particle (a particle, not a projectile), an image of a quaver (Part-note-02.img.png) that is fired in a faction-identifying color.
  • The Bugle in-game seems to be a brass military bugle in B♭.
  • This "weapon" is oddly similar to the M9 Cursed, as this replaces your second weapon slot and cannot be swapped out.
    • Just like the M9 Cursed's exclusive 9mm Cursed ammunition, the Bugle similarly has its exclusive ammunition, the Bugle Ammo.
      • In the code, both sets of ammunition are nothing but a placeholder to identify the weapon and only have a shell image but no HUI image as well as a backpack capacity.
      • In this case, the Bugle Ammo's "shell" is the note image that, visually, seems to be fired out.
  • This is the second musical instrument featured in, the other being the Piano, which spawns at the Mansion and the Saloon. However, the Bugle is the only one that can be held as a weapon.
  • This is currently the only "weapon" that has a positive effect on teammates.
  • When blown, your teammates nearby, whom the speed boost effects, will emote a quaver with faction identifying color.
  • It is possible for a Bugle to be removed from the player. To do so, one must be a Bugler and have a weapon in your first gun slot. If you become a Lone Survivr, the Bugle will be "dropped" (while it does not drop as an item as it has the noDrop tag set to true). In the second item slot appears the Lone Survivr's M249 or PKP Pecheneg.
    • If you are promoted to Lone Survivr, while the Bugle is in your first slot, the Bugle will still be in your inventory. When shot, it will play a distorted version of the sound because of Splinter Rounds, and it can only be used once and will never reload.
  • The Bugle is one of the 5 weapons that come with unlimited ammo, the others being the M9 Cursed, Spud Gun, Potato Cannon, and Heart Cannon.
  • In real life, the Bugle is used by soldiers to signal certain commands or routines, such as "Charge" or "Pay Call," instead of an officer commanding the soldiers directly.
  • It is the most accurate "weapon" in the game, with both a standing and moving spread of 1°.
  • Since it doesn't deal any damage to nearby enemies, this is the second weapon to not deal with damage, after the Flare Gun.


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