A Barrel is a common explosive in the map. It was originally released to act as an obstacle that can't explode, but was made to explode in the v0.1.7 update in December 19, 2017. When the barrel receives significant damage (125, same as a Frag Grenade, 375 MAX), explodes similarly to an Oven, though with less damage and range. It can also be a Cache.


Barrels also act similarly to a Frag Grenade, scattering fragments that damage anyone or anything that comes into contact with them. It explodes after 7 hits, and, after 5, begins "steaming". This is represented by an animation showing bubbles coming from the small black circle on the barrel. In, barrels are rendered with a dark gray circle with a light gray circle inside of it, and a circle of a darker gray inside of that. There is also a small dark gray circle in the top right area of it. The barrel can cause bullets to ricochet off of it. Barrels can be found on the map displaying a gray small circle.


  • You can bait a player by dropping loot near a damaged barrel, and once they get near, shoot the barrel with a long range weapon.
  • Punch a barrel 6 times. If someone is near the steamed barrel, quickly shoot the barrel until it detonates on the player. This inflicts heavy damage on the player if they are close enough.
  • Be aware though, that players will almost certainly be hesitant to approach a barrel near destruction, more so if there is loot conveniently placed next to it.
  • The barrel in the basement of the mansion is very dangerous since it is in a small space and the place is usually known for small cellar gunfights.
  • The barrel in the Vector room in the Hydra Bunker is by far the most dangerous barrel in the game. It will affect everyone in the room if it explodes.


The Barrel cache is similar to the other Caches, the Tree and Rock cache, but with different items. When the barrel explodes, it drops 2-4 MIRV Grenades, a Carbon Fiber skin, and 2 random Equipment pieces.


  • Added a Cache version of the barrel in the 0.6.7 update
  • Made able to explode in the 0.1.7 update.
  • Added in the 0.0.8 update.