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A barn from the inside.

The Barn is a medium-sized building in with one floor that was added in March 2nd, 2018. It is similar to the House in terms of flooring and furniture.
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A barn from the outside


Barn Map

A Barn as seen from the map

Barns each contain a restroom with a toilet, two rooms, windows, a front and back door, a saferoom which contains some loot, a table, two bushes, an explosive oven and five drawers which can be broken for loot. However, be aware that barns can also be subject to conflict, and walls inside the barns can be broken with fists, frag grenades or guns. Players can hide under the table, the bush, or inside the saferoom. The walls of the saferoom allow bullets to bounce, therefore, making it easy for players to shoot those hiding in the saferoom.


  • Punch the oven until it is smoking and place some sort of loot next to it to lure potential victims. Make sure to keep yourself hidden.
  • The saferoom is a very good place to catch someone off guard. If the Barn isn't looted yet but you have a shotgun, try camping inside the vault and when someone walks up to loot it, blast them in the face.
  • Be aware that the wall lining against the saferoom and the oven is destructible, allowing you to ricochet bullets off of it.