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A Small Pack on the survivor's tired shoulders. Hey, he is holding a lot of ammo.

Backpacks are items used to increase the number of items you can hold. Small Pack holds the least (pouch is an exception), Regular Pack is in the middle, and Military Pack the most.
  • Level 0: Pouch - The pouch is the backpack you start with in every game. It does not drop upon death in current versions of the game and is not found on the map and is hidden from the HUD.
  • Level 1: Small Pack - The small backpack is a step above the pouch and is found on the ground or in Crates. The Small Backpack was originally grayish-brown in color. Its Icon is of a small, single-flap knapsack. It is very compact when equipped.
  • Level 2: Regular Pack - The regular backpack is a step above the small backpack and is found on the ground or in Crates. The Regular Backpack was green, however, it is now the same color as level 1 and 3. Its icon looks like a backpack used by campers.
  • Level 3: Military Pack - The military backpack is the final backpack and the most efficient and is found in Crates. The Military Backpack used to be olive green, however, it is now the same color as the others, but it is larger in size. It has a lot of pockets. It is wide and long when equipped, making hiding in bushes with a weapon difficult (unless the user has a Ghillie Suit). Since its size is big it could be a disadvantage when hiding from enemies.


ItemCarrying Capacity
Type Item Pouch Small Pack Regular Pack Military Pack
Ammo 9mm 120 240 330 420
7.62mm 90 180 240 300
5.56mm 90 180 240 300
12 gauge 15 30 60 90
.50 AE 49 98 147 196
.308 Subsonic 10 20 30 40
Flare 2 4 6 8
.45 ACP 90 180 240 300
Throwable Frag Grenade 3 6 9 12
Smoke Grenade 3 6 9 12
Strobe 2 3 4 5
MIRV Grenade 2 4 6 8
Snowball 10 20 30 40
Heal Bandage 5 10 15 30
Med Kit 1 2 3 4
Boost Soda 2 5 10 15
Pills 1 2 3 4
Scope 1x Scope 1 1 1 1
2x Scope 1 1 1 1
4x Scope 1 1 1 1
8x Scope 1 1 1 1
15x Scope 1 1 1 1


  • A small backpack is almost always sufficient for most of the game. Running into a fight for a pack is unnecessary.
  • A regular pack is recommended for late game situations.
  • If you cannot pick up any more ammo because your backpack is full, reload your gun and you may be able to pick up a little extra ammo. (Although it is recommended to keep your weapons fully reloaded and reload on the go/while picking up items)
    • If it is a Bandage, make sure your health bar is colored white.
    • If it's a Med Kit, just top off your health.
    • If it is Pills or Sodas, just use one to give you adrenaline.
    • If it is Grenades, consider throwing some of that type so others can't use them later against you.


  • The type of Skin you're wearing affects the color of the backpack.
  • When the Ghillie Suit is equipped, the Backpack that the player equipped is invisible
  • Backpacks can only be dropped upon death.
  • The image for Pouch can be seen by looking in the game files, but is never actually seen during gameplay itself.

Individual Backpacks


Small Pack

Regular Pack

Military Pack