Emote-happy-face.png This article is about gameplay that is only available for a limited time, and only appears in Events.

The Model 1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR), known in-game as the BAR M1918, is an LMG that uses the 7.62mm Ammo added in the v0.6.3 "Into the woods" event on October 18, 2018. As of v0.7.9 "Scouting ahead", the BAR M1918 is no longer obtainable in the Normal Map and can only be found in the Woods Map.


The BAR M1918 can be found as extremely common ground loot in woods mode and Meteor Crates. The BAR M1918 does 75% extra damage to Obstacles but is limited in its obstacle-destroying capability by its low magazine size. However, it compensates with a long range, high DPS, and accuracy.



  • This weapon, like all the LMGs in the game, deals extra damage to obstacles, which is very helpful, especially considering that the Woods Map has considerably more trees than the Main Map.
  • This weapon can be compared to the SCAR-H, as the two weapons perform similarly, use the same ammo type, and have the same magazine capacity. Think of the BAR M1918 as a SCAR-H with slightly increased damage, increased damage to Obstacles boost of an LMG, more accurate in long-range, but with a lower fire rate and DPS than the SCAR-H (145.83 instead of 166.67).
  • Despite being an LMG, this gun has a surprisingly low capacity of 20, the lowest of its class (even lower than normal assault rifles); however, it compensates with the second-highest damage per shot of all light machine guns in the game, as well as performing similarly to an Assault Rifle.
  • This weapon is extremely effective with a high Scope, due to its moderately high fire rate, being fully automatic, and extremely accurate. You can stand still and take out enemies from the edge of the range almost without fear of retaliation.
  • Try to keep your enemy at a distance. If they get too close, don't try to use the BAR because the BAR has a long barrel, and use a shotgun instead.

A fellow survivr holding a BAR.


  • Because of its slightly long reload time, try attacking when your enemy is reloading.
  • The BAR is non-viable at close range due to its long barrel, so try to get in tight with a high-damaging Shotgun or a Melee Weapon.
  • The DP-28 may kill the BAR M1918, although this requires dodging the enemy while wasting the enemy's ammunition. The best time to attack is when the enemy reloads.
  • Don't try to take cover. The BAR M1918 deals a lot of damage to cover and will force you to run again.
    • This could work to your advantage, too, as the BAR's low magazine size may create an opening to attack.


Body Shots

17.75 damage No Helmet Level 1 Helmet Level 2 Helmet Level 3 Helmet Level 4 Helmet
No Vest 17.75 16.41875 15.62 14.82125 14.0225
Level 1 Vest 13.3125 12.3140625 11.715 11.1159375 10.516875
Level 2 Vest 11.005 10.179625 9.6844 9.189175 8.69395
Level 3 Vest 9.7625 9.0303125 8.591 8.1516875 7.712375
Level 4 Vest 7.1 6.5675 6.248 5.9285 5.609

Head Shots

35.5 damage No Helmet Level 1 Helmet Level 2 Helmet Level 3 Helmet Level 4 Helmet
No Vest 35.5 26.625 21.3 15.975 10.65
Level 1 Vest 35.5 26.625 21.3 15.975 10.65
Level 2 Vest 35.5 26.625 21.3 15.975 10.65
Level 3 Vest 35.5 26.625 21.3 15.975 10.65
Level 4 Vest 35.5 26.625 21.3 15.975 10.65



  • The BAR is the second American WWII-era firearm to be added in the game, with the M1 Garand being the first.
    • It is also the second WWI-era weapon to be added in the game, with the Mosin-Nagant being the first. Unlike the Mosin-Nagant, which the Russian Empire used as its standard-issue rifle, the M1918 BAR was deployed in extremely limited quantities by the US Army during its involvement in WW1 due to being introduced late in the war.
  • The loot image seems to be based on the original M1918 version, as it lacks the bipod, carry handle, and adjustable iron sights of the M1918A1 or M1918A2 variants that were issued after WWI and before/during WWII.
  • It's the oldest weapon of the LMG class in-game, starting production in 1918, around the final days of WWI, and about nine years before the DP-28.
  • The M1918 is the only LMG in the game that doesn't have a visible magazine in the held view.
  • The reload sound of the BAR indicates that the player racks the bolt before replacing the magazine. This is possible to do on an open-bolt weapon such as the BAR M1918, or the M1A1.
  • The BAR might be confused as an assault rifle, but it fires a full-power rifle cartridge (.30-06 Springfield or 7.62x63mm) instead of an actual assault rifle, which fires an intermediate-powered cartridge (7.62x39mm, 5.56mm NATO, etc).
  • It is one of the most common weapons found in the Woods event, along with the DP-28.
  • The BAR's icon is slightly tilted differently due to it being a very long weapon (like the M1 Garand, SV-98, etc.). The BAR is tilted at about 40°, while all other LMG icons are tilted at 45°.
  • The BAR was designed by the famed firearm inventor John Browning. Browning is considered by many to be one of the most ingenious firearm engineers ever. The M1911 is another weapon designed by John Browning.
  • The weapon is named the Browning Automatic Rifle after John Browning. It is abbreviated to BAR.
  • This weapon could spawn outside of Woods Map before the Scouting ahead update.
  • The M1918 BAR is not quite a true light machine gun like its simplified in-game category would suggest. Though issued as a solution to the lack of automatic support weapons available to advancing troops (since tripod-mounted machine guns were far too heavy to mobilize with a charge), the BAR lacked the capacity for a sustained fire that an LMG would normally require. As is noticeable in-game, the 20-round magazine is rather small and limits the number of rounds its wielder could lay down rapidly. Even if a soldier could carry enough ammunition to perform automatic fire, the rifle ran the risk of overheating. While it could be correct to designate the M1918 BAR's task as that of a "light support weapon" (LSW) or "squad automatic weapon" (SAW), roles fulfilled almost entirely by LMGs. It is moderately inaccurate to label the BAR as an LMG. Instead, it should be left categorized as its name intends: as an automatic rifle.
  • The BAR fires neither Soviet 7.62x39mm nor NATO 7.62x51mm typically used by other 7.62mm long guns in the game. The M1918 BAR fires the .30-06 Springfield (7.62x63mm) round.
    • This cartridge may be shared with the M1 Garand, which historically also shot .30-06 Springfield. However, it could also be a more modern model chambered for 7.62x51mm NATO.