Assault Rifles are guns with a high rate of fire, long range, and moderate damage per shot. In, two of the most commonly classified assault rifles are the AK-47 and the M416. Additional, rarer Assault Rifles include the SCAR-H (though the SCAR-H is actually a battle rifle, it is functionally similar to Assault Rifles in game and thus may be grouped with them), the FAMAS, and extremely rare Assault Rifle, M4A1-S.


Image Name Ammo Damage Fire Rate Description
AK-47 7.62mm (Blue) 13 10.0 The AK-47 is a 7.62mm assault rifle that was designed in 1947 within the U.S.S.R (Soviet Union). It is a balanced weapon overall and performs reasonably at most ranges.
M416 5.56mm (Green) 11 13.3 The M416 is a fully-automatic carbine assault rifle in It utilizes 5.56mm (Green) ammunition. It is an uncommon find on the battlefield, and is a capable substitution for an AK-47, or vice-versa, as their stats are very similar. M416 has increased fire rate while the AK-47 has increased damage.
SCAR-H 7.62mm (Blue) 15 11.1 The SCAR-H is a battle rifle added in the CSI: Ranchito update. It is usually found in Golden Lockers at the Police Station and rarely found elsewhere. It fires with somewhat high accuracy for an automatic rifle.
FAMAS 5.56mm (Green) 17 8.8 The FAMAS is a bullpup burst assault rifle designed in 1978 France. It is one of the two weapons to have the burst fire mode, the other being the UMP9. The FAMAS features the best moving accuracy in the game at a mere 3.1 degrees.
AN-94 7.62mm(Blue) 17.5 8.3 The AN-94 is a burst assault rifle. It fires a 2-shot burst, and is given to the blue leader upon becoming the leader. It has 0.5 more damage per shot than the FAMAS, and a 45-shot magazine. Don't give this away, it can only spawn once per game.
M4A1-S 5.56mm (Green) 14 12.2 The M4A1 carbine, known as the M4A1-S (the S standing for "suppressed") in-game, is a high-accuracy assault rifle chambered for 5.56mm. It can only be found in Gold Airdrops.


  • Assault Rifles are highly versatile, useful at long range and at mid-range.
    • Keeping a Shotgun will give you an advantage at close range fights.
  • Assault Rifles use Ammo quickly. To conserve ammo, try firing in burst.