The Aquatic Avenger is a Skin in added in the v0.4.0 "Log and load" update on June 2, 2018. It is very rare, about as rare as the Royal Fortune and Coral Guise. The Aquatic Avenger has sky blue hands, a dark turquoise body, and a very dark grey backpack.


The Aquatic Avenger is an uncommon skin that has a 50% chance to be found in the Conch Bunker, and a rare chance to be found in a Bunker Crate inside one of the Warehouses at the Docks.


  • Before the Conch Bunker became a thing, this Skin was extremely rare, as was the Coral Guise. The Conch Crate in the Docks rarely spawned, leaving people frustrated because they couldn't get the skin.
  • When the Conch Bunker was added into the game, the Aquatic Avenger and Coral Guise became less rare, but are still considered by many to be uncommon.