Adrenaline is a core feature of It appears as a bar above the Player's health, and filling it allows the player to heal health over time, as well as move faster if the adrenaline bar is over 50%, and move even faster above 90%.

Adrenaline comes into use both during and after a firefight. It's handy to always have at least some adrenaline just in case one gets into a firefight with another player. During a fight, one may be quickly retreat or stand behind cover and slowly regain some health. You can also attempt to outrun your opponent if your adrenaline bar is above 50%, as a approximately 10% speed boost is added. Above 90% adrenaline, a ~15% Speed boost is added, making high adrenaline very useful in the endgame, for both outrunning and outmaneuvering your foes. Adrenaline's regenerative effect can also be useful while in the red zone, as it will regenerate your health faster than the red zone drains it in the early game, and can help you escape it faster as well, (if at 50% or above). The speed buff can be used to quickly maneuver across the battlefield, making it essential for surviving. It seems to drain at a rate of around 1% per second.


Using a Soda fills the adrenaline bar by 25%. Using Pills fills it up by 50%. It slowly deteriorates over time at roughly 1%/sec.


A soda as it appears in-game


Pills as they appear in-game

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The Adrenaline Bar


  • Adrenaline in real life is a hormone released into the blood stream during periods of great stress. It serves to prepare the body for a flight-or-fight response to danger. Affects include dilation (expansion) of air passages in the lungs to provide more oxygen, increased blood pressure, greatly increased metabolism (the body's ability to turn glucose into energy), redirection of more blood into the heart, lungs, and major muscle groups, and a reduced sensation of pain. This results overall the body having remarkably higher physical performance, as it removes much of the restraints on full muscle capabilities. allowing people do superhuman things like lifting cars. Adrenaline does have severe drawbacks, often leaving people incredibly exhausted after use, and can damage much of the body due to it being pushed past its limits.
  • Adrenaline in game does act a bit like its real-life counterpart, giving speed to players as they pass certain thresholds. Unlike real life adrenaline, it heals you in game, and does not cause fatigue as an after affect. This is likely due to PARMA's use of serums to modify the body, and it is likely that the pills and soda are part of these genetic enhancements.