12 Gauge Shell

12 gauge (Red), often referred to as simply "shotgun ammo", is a type of Ammunition that is used solely for Shotguns.

Weapon Type Damage Fire Rate Notes
MP220 Shotgun 12.5 (9x) 5.0 Double barrel shotgun with a higher fire rate than the M870. Great for quick knocks and kills.
M870 Shotgun 12.5 (9x) 1.1 More ammo capacity than MP220, but does not fire as fast. Hindered by pumping.
Saiga-12 Shotgun 12.5 (9x) 2.5 Its defining feature is the full-auto function, but it is extremely rare. It can be considered as an upgrade of the MP220.
SPAS-12 Shotgun 8.75 (9x) 1.33 This pump-action shotgun has a 9 shell capacity, and not just any old shells, but 12 gauge flechette. Flechette ammunition is less powerful than the standard buckshot you're used to, but it travels further and faster in a tighter grouping.
USAS-12 Shotgun 108 2 This gun is's first explosive gun. It is one of the most powerful guns in the game, having decent fire rate and deadly damage, as well as a large AOE. It is most commonly found in the Hatchet crate in an underground bunker in Squad mode, and was only found in the Into the Woods event.
M1100 Shotgun 4 (18x) 3.33

Introduced in the "Turkey shoot" update, this semi-automatic shotgun is unique in the use of birdshot. Birdshot doubles the pellet count from the standard 9 pellet count, but sacrifice damage and accuracy in the process. This act as a cross between the MP220 and M870 as its damage potential power comes from firerate and pellet count, while having the tube magazine for allowing interruption of reloads of the M870.

Super 90 Shotgun 77 2.5 A shotgun introduced in the "Incursion recursion" update, this weapon uses slug shot, allowing for longer range than all shotguns, even surpassing the SPAS-12.


Type Amount
Pouch (default) 15
Small Pack 30
Normal Pack 60
Military Pack 90