The .50 Action Express caliber, or .50 AE (Black) is a type of Ammunition used exclusively by the DEagle 50 added in the "Downwards is the only way forwards" update. Although there are no other Weapons that use .50 AE, it is possible there may be more in the future. .50 AE only spawns with the DEagle 50, but can also be dropped by Ammo Crates when they are destroyed with a Wood Axe, a Katana, a Fire Axe, a Stone Hammer, or an Iron Bomb's Explosion and Shrapnel.


Weapon Image Type Notes
DEagle 50
Pistol A very rare and powerful weapon that deals a very large amount of damage in a short amount of time. Was the first weapon that is "first shot accurate".

.50 AE ammo on the ground


  • This ammo type only spawns with the DEagle 50, making it very scarce on the map. It is highly recommended to conserve it and, when used, to be very precise.
  • The DEagle 50 is able to be dual wielded, but the chances of finding multiple are extremely minuscule. However, if one does manage to get dual DEagles, it's almost a guaranteed win.

    The .50 AE golden tracer

  • Due to the rarity of .50 AE, it is best that you should drop your DEagle when you deplete your ammo, as it is unlikely that you will find more of the ammunition.
  • The tracer for .50 AE is gold colored. If you see a golden bullet flying through the air, it is definitely a .50 AE round.


  • .50 AE didn't show up in the GUI until the v0.4.0 "Log and load" update. This permitted the ability for a player to drop the ammunition by right clicking on the .50 AE icon, if they ever wanted to give it to a teammate. Before this, players could drop .50 AE by dropping the DEagle. This would cause the ammo to be dropped with it.
    • As of the v0.5.0 "Air drop it like it's hot" update, the .50 AE no longer shows up in the GUI unless the player has the ammunition.
  • The .50 AE is the third rarest ammo type in the game, the second being the .308 Subsonic and the first being the Flare.